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Sharing Data With Other Devices

- To share data with other devices you will need a Team Key. All devices will enter the same team key and then select the legs the device will track.
- You can have a device "watch" the race by entering a team key and not tracking any legs.  So, if you have friends and family that want to know your progress this is a great option for them.
- The Other Devices window will show you other devices tracking using your key.  This is refresh when the screen is loaded.

- If Tracking is turned OFF you cannot share data during the race. 


Assigning Legs to Runners

- To Assign a runner to a leg select the leg you want to change and press update.
- If the leg has been run - meaning there is and actual pace and exchange time you will get a screen to update the leg time.
- If the leg has not been run you will be allowed to assign a runner and pace.


Changing Leg Distances

- First tap the Settings tab
- Next tap the Add/Edit Race option
- Tap the RACE you want to change
- Tap the LEG you want to change
- Enter the new leg distance and press Save