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Welcome to the Relay Tracker Home Page

Relay Tracker Version 3 is available soon! New - the ability to add any race with any number of legs and update leg distance!  Over 50 races are already setup!

What is the Relay Tracker?
It is your traditional clip board, pencil, and stop watch that you had to lug with you, pass between vans, not to mention adding times with little sleep.

If this made sense to you, then you have run a multi-person, 200-mile running event and understand these issues and know how much easier having this tool would have been. If you have not actually run a race but have one coming up, then this is still the tool for you. For a small fee, it makes keeping track of the times for your runners a whole lot easier than pencil & paper.

Here is a quick list of features:
1) Countdown to predicted arrival: By entering your runner’s predicted pace, the Relay Tracker will start counting down to when your runner is expected. This lets you be on-time and ready at the exchange when they come in.

2) Ability to share data across multiple devices.  (requires data access on the device)

3) Copy of Final Results: Instead of copying and pasting all your results, the Relay Tracker can send an email to whomever you choose with a full list of results. This will be both in friendly format as well as CSV format for easy copying into a spreadsheet.

4) It replaces your stop watch, your clip board and your pencil! Isn’t that reason enough?

5) Ability to change leg distances.

6) Ability to add races with any number of legs.  So, if you are running a marathon relay or a long distance relay race you can enter it!

7) Over 50 races are already set up!

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